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PVP 101

Date: Jun 29, 2019
Time: 10:30 AM
Posted by: Nanilia
Category: PvP
Always wanted to come to Friday Night Fights, but not quite sure if you're ready? This is the event for you! We'll go through basic siege mechanics, how to get to Cyrodiil and move around the map, terminology, and other questions you've had about PVP.

If you're a regular in FNF or WZW then this probably isn't the course for you, but feel free to tag along if you want to help out or answer questions.
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1. Brit (@rosemackie) Sorcerer

2. (@Aireal) Ay'anna Sorcerer

3. Waiffe (@Kildaan) Templar

M. Explosive beeker Sorcerer

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Nan, thank you so much for putting on these events! Big kudos and an unauthorized Peep for you😀
To anyone who hasn't stepped foot in Cyro, or maybe has and not had a good experience please sign up and let Nan show you the ropes. Then do Friday Night Fights and have a great time with your guildies. Maybe you will discover a love for PvP like I have.
Aw, thanks! ^_^ I needed a little boost today, heh.
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