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Early Bird Special

Date: Feb 13, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 04:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Wednesdays
Category: Raids
This week, we are going to run Sanctum Ophidia. I've moved the time to 7PM EST / 4PM PST because this is a long dungeon and we want to try to finish before War Zone Wednesday starts. If we start a little later, that's okay, though, so don't let it stop you from signing up!
This is a fun dungeon with lots of good loot, include Two-Fanged Snake gear.
Tank (2)

1. Bella (@Dawnwarrior) Dragonknight

4. delkurz Dragonknight

Damage (8)

3. Phoon Sorcerer

5. Tiernach Nightblade

6. Holy Aura (@IrishPoorBoy) Sorcerer

7. Allyndy Sorcerer

8. Kill Taker (@outabody) Sorcerer

9. Kephanie (@nunyer) Templar

10. Channi Dey (@ArtificialSon) Sorcerer

M. Noko Marie (@goldensilence) Templar

Support (2)

2. Sara the Red (wayne) Warden

M. Cyfrinair Sorcerer



I have to drive home from an afternoon meeting in Tampa, with no traffic it’s a 3 hour drive but there’s always traffic...I’ll do my best to be online by 7
Tiernach is my character, btw. Thought I'd mention that so it leaves no one wondering who that is. *lol*
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