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CGI Fridays!

Deleted 1 month ago
Date: May 17, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Fridays
Posted by: Oakos
Join DeSyreni, UniCajole and Oakos for CGI (Come Get It!) Fridays!

This event is three fold as we pursue DLC dungeons, DLC helms and Arenas (DSA AND BP) As the spirit of CGI Fridays centers around upper tier Veteran DLC content and Arenas any requests for non DLC runs will be taken into account but come second and only as time allows.

With the hosts involved in this event, we have all roles covered and can bring a lot of flexibility and options, all that we ask is that you:

  • Sign up AND post your requests, if no request is made we are running Fungal Grotto 1....normal mode...for 2 hours...
  • Be CP160+ for dungeon and helm runs and 300+ if you are requesting an Arena
  • Have 2 hours set aside and able to stay for the duration, even if that includes helping out other runs as needed
  • Be able to listen in on Discord
  • Ideally, come slightly drunk with the willingness to ramp that up over the course of the event!
  • Understand that if you sign up "last minute" you may be sidelined to ensure those that have set aside specific time and have put in requests are taken care of. Sign up early folks!
Tank (2)

2. Tiarette (@Tiarette) Dragonknight

9. (@UniCajole)Pretty Meat Shield Dragonknight

Support (2)

3. Qorconna (@Kildaan) Templar

4. Oakos Templar



LF vDSA farm
vRoM or vCoS HMs and no death.
Boring one. Banishes Cell 1 or 2: Sanctuary for my healer. Otherwise very willing to help others get their desired gear.
Kil, if just after Sanctuary gear, hit normal with a couple dps! If you are around tonight (thursday the 16th) we can run a few. Also, Sanctuary is a solid set, especially for a Warden but have you looked into SPC + I am assuming your after dungeon sets as you work towards Trial sets?
Thanks for the advice Oakas. I was lucky and had some Banished Cell runs this week and was able to get Sanctuary 5 piece set ( yah green orbs). I have SPC 5 piece set also and Bogdan's monster set. Jorvuld' Guidance looks very good and works well with SPC. That drops from Scalecaller, so would like to change my request to Scalecaller if possible :-)
In my 5 years of playing this game, i have never completed vet BC 1. Would love to knock that out xD Maybe get HM while we are there? LOL
*gasp!*. We can knock this out first, Rosa, maybe a little ahead of starting time if your game.
I would be game for doing vBC, i dont think i have that one yet. Course, i have lots of non-dlc vet modes i havent done! Oh, also, i can be on ahead of cgi time, i will try and be on an hour before and be ready to go.
Looking for a Stormfist helm (vTempest Island) if possible and willing to help others.
LF Skoria Helm out of vCoA2 and Doylemish weapons and jewelry out of vet or normal SP (have been farming normal and never seen any jewelry drops so wondering if a vet run would be more productive). Can bring a healer or dps based on need.
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