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CGI Fridays!

Deleted 1 month ago
Date: Apr 19, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Fridays
Posted by: Oakos
Join DeSyreni, UniCajole and Oakos for CGI (Come Get It!) Fridays!

This event is three fold as we pursue DLC dungeons, DLC helms and Arenas (DSA AND BP) As the spirit of CGI Fridays centers around upper tier Veteran DLC content and Arenas any requests for non DLC runs will be taken into account but come second and only as time allows.

With the hosts involved in this event, we have all roles covered and can bring a lot of flexibility and options, all that we ask is that you:

  • Sign up AND post your requests, if no request is made we are running Fungal Grotto 1....normal mode...for 2 hours...
  • Be CP160+ for dungeon and helm runs and 300+ if you are requesting an Arena
  • Have 2 hours set aside and able to stay for the duration, even if that includes helping out other runs as needed
  • Be able to listen in on Discord
  • Ideally, come slightly drunk with the willingness to ramp that up over the course of the event!
  • Understand that if you sign up "last minute" you may be sidelined to ensure those that have set aside specific time and have put in requests are taken care of. Sign up early folks!
Tank (2)
Damage (5)
Support (2)

4. Fasielle(@gumorf) Nightblade

8. Bella (@Dawnwarrior) Dragonknight



Board game night! Will do next week.

Current spec is for dps. Looking through my list - apparently I need the following vets:


March of Sacrifice
Imperial City Prison

Banished Cells II
Elden Hollow I
Darkshade Caverns II
Wayrest Sewers I
Tempest Island
Direfrost Keep
Blessed Crucible
Blackheart Haven
Vault of Madness
Whatever is needed 😀
I need Troll King monster set , Earthgore, and The worm Cloth set for my pre-raid healing on my nightblade
Looking for Valkyn Skoria in Medium weight from CoA 2. Up to help out with anything else!
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