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CGI Fridays!

Deleted 2 months ago
Date: Mar 15, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 08:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Fridays
Posted by: Oakos
Join DeSyreni, UniCajole and Oakos for CGI (Come Get It!) Fridays!

This event is three fold as we pursue DLC dungeons, DLC helms and Arenas (DSA AND BP) As the spirit of CGI Fridays centers around upper tier Veteran DLC content and Arenas any requests for non DLC runs will be taken into account but come second and only as time allows.

With the hosts involved in this event, we have all roles covered and can bring a lot of flexibility and options, all that we ask is that you:

  • Sign up AND post your requests, if no request is made we are running Fungal Grotto 1....normal mode...for 2 hours...
  • Be CP160+ for dungeon and helm runs and 300+ if you are requesting an Arena
  • Have 2 hours set aside and able to stay for the duration, even if that includes helping out other runs as needed
  • Be able to listen in on Discord
  • Ideally, come slightly drunk with the willingness to ramp that up over the course of the event!
  • Understand that if you sign up "last minute" you may be sidelined to ensure those that have set aside specific time and have put in requests are taken care of. Sign up early folks!
Tank (2)

1. Sabretusk (@Sabretusks) Dragonknight

7. Bella (@Dawnwarrior) Dragonknight

Damage (7)

2. Rosalie Darcy (@Rosalie) Sorcerer

4. Brodhi (@BrodhiXx) Warden

5. Talon Theeryon Nightblade

6. Addlyar Sorcerer

9. Sovvie Sorcerer

10. Strehf (@strehf) Nightblade

M. Kill Taker (@outabody) Sorcerer

Support (2)

3. (@Vetericus) Edge-Of-Shadow Warden

8. Oakos Templar



Looking for Fang Lair Challenger and Scalecaller Peak Challenger
Fang Lair sounds good, I also need RoM HM
Need Velidreth medium helm :)
I need a Velidreth medium helm also
Bel - Boo(Talon) - Sov - Oakos = Velidreth

Sabre - Brohdi - Rosa - Vet = Scalecaller

Both can be difficult dungeons, please ensure you are ready to rock and roll and we will do our best!
Baseball for my son has fired up this week. I can DPS where needed but not sure I will be on by 8pm. But I should be on by 8:15 if you need a filler.
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