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Date: Nov 03, 2018
Time: 10:00 AM
Posted by: Duck
Category: Dungeons
Vanquish proudly presents “Kidz Day”

On November 3rd, we are dedicating the day for our kids, bringing them into the Vanquish family, doing events, dungeons, trials and even a contest! So turn those sad faces into a HAPPY FACE!

On this day we are scheduling a series of events for your kids, and you, to enjoy.

• 1:00 PM EST (10 AM PST) – Dolmen run through Covenant lands (1hr – 1.25 hrs)
• 3:00 PM EST (12 AM PST) – Vanquish Lawn Dart Tradition! (45 min)
• 4:30 PM EST (1:30 PM PST) – Non-DLC Dungeon Runs (1hr – 1.5 hrs)
• 6:30 PM EST (3:30 PM PST) – Announce Contest Winner(s)
• 7:00 PM EST (4 PM PST) – TRIALS at Sanctum Ophidian (1.5-2 hrs max)

For Adults

• Children will remain separate from the Vanquish Guild so chat does not be a concern.
• No real names are to be used or given. Only character names.
• Parents are responsible for setting them up on discord or use parents account. There will be a dedicated channel for kids (role assigned) that limits the viewing of topics within discord or jumping to other voice coms.
• Parents can be grouped with their child for all events if they so wish. If your child has trouble navigating with ESO, we encourage the alternate method of being by their side and helping them through.

Parent/Officer participation will be as follows:

• Dolmens: any number of kids with adults
• Dungeons: At least 2 adults will be present for each group.
• Trials: Pending on the total numbers but we are aiming for at least 5 adults per Raid Team.

Event Explanations:

1) DOLMEN RUNS: We will all be grouped, and in the same channel in Discord. Starting with the Dolmens in Daggerfall, we will run through Stormhaven, Rivenspire and possibly Alikr and Bangorai if time permits. Children will need to know how to “Travel to Player” or have the assistance of a parent.

2) VANQUISH LAWN DARTS: At a location later determined, our kids will have the experience of playing Lawn Darts! Our fearless leader jumps off a very high ledge in which the rest of us try to land on his dead body. Closest wins. A Vanquish Tradition.

3) NON-DLC DUNGEONS: Groups will be made to have 2 adults with 2 children. That is the goal at least. We will do our best to keep the children alive. This could be a random normal or a dungeon they have not unlocked yet.

4) GUILD TABARD DESIGN CONTEST: We are putting together a sheet that includes the tops, bottoms, and middle icons of tabards here in ESO. Your child can cut and paste together their design, color and submit. Submissions can take place either in Discord post or in a dedicated media section of the website. Judging has yet to be determined but your child could design the next Vanquish Guild Tabard! (period of time undetermined) The Tabard Template will be available very soon so your kids can get started. Or make more than 1!

5) TRIALS: Normal trial at Sanctum Ophidian. Each raid will consist of at least 4-5 adults (tanks and healers mostly with 1 or 2 dps to help). We will take it slow through the trials, explain a few

Grab the Guild Tabard Template here:

TOP BOTTOM MIDDLE (coming soon)
Attending (2)
Maybe (1)
Declined (0)



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My son will be 5 on January 1st, but we might hop on if we get a free moment. He's definitely sat on my lap and we've tanked some dungeons together...and by "together" I mean I WASD and mouse and he hits the number keys when I call them out. I try to justify this with his mother by saying he's working on his numbers. =)

He'll definitely think it's a trip hearing people talk over Discord! Best of luck with the event regardless.
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