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DLC Dungeons

Deleted 3 months ago
Date: Nov 14, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Wednesdays
Posted by: Oakos
Join the Tweedles and Oakos (on occasion!) in ESO's hardest 4 person content, including DLC dungeons and arenas!

When signing up please use the comments section and list which dungeon you would prefer to clear as this will allow us to brush up on tactics! Also, please understand that while we will do our best to accommodate multiple signups, we maybe limited due to group constraints.

This is some of the most difficult group content in the game, as such we have a few requirements and guidelines:


  • CP 300+
  • 2 hours available
  • Gold weapons
  • Complete gear sets i.e. 5x5x2
  • Discord and a mic (we need you communicating information and tactics!)
  • Patience and an understanding it wont always go well
  • Understand that we will go by sign up order but having a balanced team will take precedence


  • Bring a well optimized and "main" character, this is not the time to "train up" an alt
  • CP at cap
  • DPS characters at a minimum of 20k+ damage output
  • Tanks well versed in their role as primary support and group lead
  • Healers should have all fundamental healing skills open including undaunted lines
  • The flexibility and gear to swap to different builds, per fight, as needed

If you have any questions see the Tweedles
Tank (1)
Damage (6)
Support (4)

5. Blessed-by-the-Hist (@Baybaeckz) Sorcerer

6. Destrolly Nightblade

8. Oakos Templar

M. (@nux1576) Sufin Templar



I’ll be avail to help if needed. Just let me know about 30 min prior please.
Thanks, Duck! 😀
Still looking for the elusive Burning Spellweave Inferno Staff. (I know it's not DLC but...😜)
Would love to come along if there's room. Looks like a passel of dps and I'm late to the party, so no worries if groups are full.
Don't need anything in particular, will help if needed.
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