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PVE Mechanics Discussion

Date: Oct 06, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 03:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Colby
Category: Class
PVE Mechanics. We will be discussing some basics (buffs, debuffs, rotations, gear combos), answering questions, and getting personal DPS baselines on test dummies.

All roles. Tanks, Healers and DPS. Any experience level.

GOAL: Expand our knowledge, improve our skills, build connections, become more powerful as a guild.

Some of the questions that will be answered are...

I can track my buff/debuff uptimes and damage output how?
My current armor/spell penetration is?
How much do I need to do max damage?
What are the different sources of penetration?
I can get Major Sorcery/Prophecy/Brutality/Savagery from where?
Major and Minor Force do what? Come from where?
How do I light attack weave/animation cancel/block cast?
Which enchants/CP/Skills/morphs should I be using?

And much much more. You can also research buff/debuff sources HERE

For those interested, after this short 30 minute event, we will move into a Veteran Trial to put our knowledge to the test in a live scenario. If interested, make sure to sign up for the Veteran Trial that follows
Tank (2)

1. Colby Bladeslinger Dragonknight

2. AngryWaffles(@AngryMojo) Dragonknight

Damage (8)

5. Statíc Sorcerer

6. shut-up Meg (@megnin) Dragonknight

9. (@tweedle-dum) Too-Many-Cooks Sorcerer

11. Channi Dey (@ArtificialSon) Sorcerer

12. Si Laoshi Templar

14. (@tweedle-dee) Vërmilion Sorcerer

15. La Femme Nikita Romanov (@IrishPoorBoy) Nightblade

M. Meghalin Dragonknight

Support (6)

3. Prayin Mantis@ToeJamJuice Templar

4. Oakos Templar

7. Lennorre Templar

8. T-Rextacy (@Fat_Gandalf) Templar

10. Josien Templar

13. Hawaiian Pizza Papa (@SmellsLikeKimchi) Warden



Hi, I'm here for the penetration.
This event is slotted for 30 minutes Oak...what will you do with the other 29 minutes and 37 seconds?
In the spirit of self improvement, we want to find ways we can assess our own progress and improvement. Acquireing personal data is important if we want to make the process measurable.

If you can and have not already, please install the add on Combat Metrics. We are going to focus on buffs and debuffs this week. That includes what buffs and debuffs we should be keeping up, where they come from, and how we track our uptimes with Combat Metrics.

This will also be our focus during the Veteran trial that follows.

This applies to all roles
Fat Gandalf
You had me at penetration. 😘
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