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Saturday night Trials

Date: Oct 20, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 08:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Saturdays
Posted by: Oakos
Come join Vanquish's own Sabre and Infi in some late evening, Saturday night Trials and shenanigans!

This run will cater to both the new member in Vanquish as well as those looking to gain a bit more experience in Trials before attempting the harder content found in Veteran Trials... aka...Colby's house of pain.

The focus of these Trials will be learning mechanics, movement, set ups, rotations and helping folks get ready for harder content. And....of course PHAT LOOTZ!

Formation will begin 10-15 minutes prior to start time, please come prepared! Trials will rotate through 1-2 Trial options each Saturday based on the available team!


  • Potions, food, repairs and charges all good to go!
  • The ability to at lest listen in on Discord!
  • Be willing and ready to learn, make adjustments and be open to FRIENDLY advice from a bear or scorpion killer!
  • CP 160 is HIGHLY recommended. This is mainly for gear sharing so has some flexibility built in, we are all about getting our lower level players some experience in Trials as well!
  • Runs will rotate through 1-2 Trial options every Saturday!

NOTE: We appreciate our Veteran players that wish to come out and lend a hand, please do! However, sign up as a "maybe" in order to allow our newer members a chance to learn and gear up! It will be of great benefit to have a pool of folks on deck in the event Sabre and Infi are in need!"

Tank (2)
Damage (14)

4. (Infi) Emilii Grey Sorcerer

6. Fat Gandälf Sorcerer

7. Braupakt/Erefille Warden

8. Si Laoshi Templar

9. Bella Stormcaller (DawnWarrior) Sorcerer

10. Zipactonal Yaotl Templar

11. Meluzin Mareth (@HemlockMareth) Warden

12. Kamali'i Templar

13. Anwara Warwitch Sorcerer

14. Destrolly Nightblade

M. Charlie Dey (@ArtificalSon) Nightblade

M. Cyfrinair Sorcerer

M. Ma'ji Ko Sorcerer

M. Holden Farsight Sorcerer

Support (2)

2. Josien Templar

3. Prayin Mantis@ToeJamJuice Templar


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Channi Dey
Would love to come along, but happy to sit if someone wants the spot.
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