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30 to Burn!

Date: Oct 02, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly
Posted by: Oakos
30 to Burn!

Sometimes you just want a fast, easy run for some loots and fun times with your guildmates but without commitment, reqs. and prep time of some of our more complex and demanding events.

  • Got 30 mins before dinner? Let’s go!
  • Need to wind down for bed before a long ass day at work tomorrow, have 30 mins? Let’s go!
  • Want to run through a Trial like a maniac and have 30 mins to BURN? Let’s go!

“30 to Burn!” Is a mid-week, Normal mode Trial in which we give ourselves NO MORE than 30 mins to clear a Trial.

There are no requirements for this run other than being on Discord! New players and lower levels welcome! (As always, CP160 is ideal for the sharing of loot!)
Tank (2)

4. (Infi) Kimmii Asharaan Warden

12. Sabretusk (@Sabretusks) Dragonknight

Damage (9)

1. Channi Dey (@ArtificialSon) Sorcerer

2. (Nuke) Nuka gra-Rush Sorcerer

5. Lytani (@thuyski) Templar

6. Strehf (@etchblade) Nightblade

7. (@nux1576) Drevi Warden

8. Mr Kimchi (@SmellsLikeKimchi) Sorcerer

11. Red Ablaze Templar

13. Meghalin Dragonknight

14. Destrolly Nightblade

Support (3)

3. Prayin Mantis@ToeJamJuice Templar

9. T-Rextacy (@Fat_Gandalf) Templar

10. Oakos Templar



can also heal
I will try to tank this.. since we seem to be tankless. By all means, I'm happy to swap back to DPS (more than happy in fact) if a real tank would like to sign up.
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