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TRIAL AS / Cloudrest

Date: Nov 08, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 05:30 PM
Reoccurs: Every 4 weeks on Thursdays
Posted by: Duck
Category: Raids
Asylum Sanctorium & Cloudrest

Join us for our weekly Thursday Trials set at an earlier time for those on the East Coast. OPEN to everyone, new and veterans. First time? We will go over a semi-brief explanation. Invites go out 15 minutes prior to start time so please be prepared. At 5 minutes till start, we will start filling guild wide. Those signed up for the event will have first calls.

After our first run, we will be taking a 6 minute break while we prepare for the 2nd trial.

Installing the add-on "Raid Notifier Updated" will be very beneficial to you:

Trial Items:
Asylum Sanctorium: Imperfect and Perfect Asylum Weapons
Cloudrest: Aegis of Galanwe, Arms of Relequen, Mantle of Siroria, Vestment of Olorime

Tank (1)

6. (Duck) Sader Templar

Support (3)


So what are we doing tonight Duck?

Well glad you asked! We are going to blow through AS to just get it done. Eventually we are going to go in there and work on the +1 nad 2 but at a later time. Then we are going to do Cloudrest +1 to get the coffer. THEN... RESET and work on Cloudrest +3. No reason why all of vanquish can get that done. Just situational awareness. We will probably do the +1 with the Hoarfrost since you all love that mechanic. >+)
TBH, the bar swap mechanic is the most punishing when doing +1 imo.
Voltanic Overload? Only if you don't swap correctly...
When all you have to focus on is the mini boss, it's pretty easy. When you have other mechanics to deal with, that bar swap mechanic is a killer. I've run groups where we beat our head against the wall trying to do +3, went and killed Relequen then one shot +2.
I was mostly kidding. Saying 'only if you don't swap correctly' is like saying vHOF is easy if no one dies. It's true, but doing that is a hell of a lot harder than it sounds a lot of the time.

It's definitely the one that people don't seem to 'get' immediately. I think because it's happening to everyone else but them, it doesn't give the sort of feedback we're used to. And it really doesn't help that Raid Notifier's timing is a bit wonky. That screwed me up in the beginning and probably made it took longer to get my head around.

Honestly, I think VO suffers from over-explanation a lot of times. It really needs to be "if the floor turns purple, swap bars until it's not and count to 10". People can figure out the how and why when they've got more experience and aren't wiping the trial.
bar swap it is.
Will need another tank for final boss on Cloud.
Why can't I add myself?
This one is for the 8th, which has already passed. You can't change sign ups after start time.
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