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Tarkania's Craglorn Emporium

Date: Jun 02, 2018
Time: 08:00 PM
Posted by: Kally (@Kally05)
Do you enjoy running around and exploring PvE zones? Do you love grouping with guildmates and bs'ing in TS while you roflstomp baddies? Never get a chance to make all those annoying black symbols turn white in Craglorn cause nobody goes there anymore?

Well, come on down to Tarkania's Craglorn Exploration Emporium. We've got the PvE group experience you're looking for to relax on a Saturday night!

Plan is to start in the NW corner, travel SE, and tackle as much content as possible for up to 2 hours. There is no level, gear, or ability restriction on this event.

*PLEASE NOTE: The event will be cancelled if a minimum manning threshold of one healer and two dps is not met.

In addition, if/when we get to a single-group-only dungeon, please have patience and keep TS clear of chatter while the groups are organized by the event leader(s).*
Tank (1)

1. Tarkania Templar

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Support (1)

2. Hoochykins Templar


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TIL, you can add .gifs to the calendar...this place is about to get nuts...

Tark, great event idea, couple of pointers!

  • The main arc for Craglorn starts in the SE area around Belkarth (if you were planning on questing, otherwise go nuts!)
  • You REALLY do not need an ideal group i.e. healer/tank/dps any TWO people can do all of Craglorn save for DSA and maybe some of the group events, dont limit yourself!
  • Summerset is out, folks are still neck deep in that content, if you get low attendance don't sweat it!
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