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PVE Mechanics Seminar

Date: May 06, 2018
Time: 02:30 PM
Posted by: Torin
Category: Class
Want to take your tanking to next level? Do you see people talking about parses, and how much damage you need to be doing for veteran level content? Have you ever tested how fast you can do 3 million damage? Want to pick the brains of an established healer to improve your build? This is the time to do it! We will meet in Teamspeak and at the guild hall to chat, learn, teach, and of course, beat the shit out of a few target dummies.

For Vet trials you should be able to finish off the dummy in less than 2:00 (25K DPS)

This is a rebranding of the DPS event. The purpose of this event is to come and meet with other guild members to work on roles, gear, skills, rotation, etc. Any experienced members that are willing to help out are always appreciated!
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Damage (1)

1. Torin al-Ragath Sorcerer

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2. Creaks-in-the-Wind Warden



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