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Naked Trial Run!

Date: Apr 01, 2018
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: obscure7
The infamous Vanquish Naked Trial Run is back folks! It's time to show off what you got as we blind the monsters and shake it like a boss, at the bosses! This time it's the Jester's Festival Theme. I guess that means it's open to interpretation!

What is this event exactly? It is where we do a normal trial while naked. The only equipment allowed are weapons and jewelry during the run, with bonus points for being naked in real life (although we don't really want proof of that). We take a group photo after we kill each boss and try not to teabag it during the photo. This is pretty hard for some people to resist.

This run will be in Aetherian Archive.

Clerical note: We should run with 2 tanks and/or 3 healers, since resource sustain is definitely an issue while unclothed. Also, be prepared for longer fights than usual! And more deaths!
Tank (2)

2. Daemon-spawn Dragonknight

3. (clair) ferelden cur Warden

Damage (2)

1. Silvertusks (@Sabretusks) Sorcerer

4. Reznn Dragonknight

Support (1)

M. Levissa Moonshadow Warden



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