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Undaunted Tuesdays!

Date: Feb 12, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 05:30 PM
Posted by: Squeetard
Category: Dungeons
Join Lenore and crew as we pursue the Undaunted guild line of skills!

We will form up at 5:30pm PST in Stormhaven and head out to hit all of the Undaunted dailies!

Bring a drink and join us on Discord for fun and shenanigans!" Discord is not optional. You must be with us in discord. You don't have to talk but you must be able to hear! Thanks very much for cooperating with this. It keeps people from hitting bosses or interacting with objectives prematurely and killing the quest for the rest of the group.

Delve Dailies are repeatable quests offered by Bolgrul, located at the Undaunted Enclave in each Alliance capital. These quests will send you to a specific delve in the world. . Unlike pledges, these quests can be shared with your group, and thus it is possible to do up to 15 of these quests in a day per character. These quests will reward 5 Undaunted reputation, as well as small box of rewards. These quests are one way of obtaining the Draugr motif.

RULES FOR THE EVENT: - because everyone's time has value

1. STAY ON CROWN-this insures that everyone in the group gets credit for the group activity.
If you are hanging back picking pots and won't get credit and it isn't fair for the group to have to do a redo because people don't stay up with
the group. We stop for skyshards. We don't stop for loot.

2. No pets of any kind. The delves and dungeons are congested with a group this large. Pets make objectives hard to target and obstruct vision for members of
the group.

3. Once the boss is down do not engage in combat. It keeps the lead from porting out. This slows the group's quick free ride back to base.

There is potential for fifteen dailies to do, bringing in fat xp and loot for all. With fifteen quests possible we must conduct the group in a tight formation
maintaining organization and economy of time or this could take a really long time to do. This is fun for an hour or two...but beyond that it begins to impose on everyone's real life responsibilities. Although this is a fast paced event, we still have lots of laughs and lots of fun! Join us!

If you want to loot dungeons...hit me up. I love looting. It just doesn't work in this event and causes all kinds of problems logistically.
Tank (1)

2. Sam Gribley Dragonknight

Damage (2)

1. Azrail Dabria@rich5166 Sorcerer

3. Zenzirza (@ZenAmatin) Nightblade

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