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Breakfast Club - Trials

Date: Jul 22, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 10:30 AM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Sundays
Posted by: Oakos
Category: Raids
Please be online and ready to form up roughly 15 minutes before go time so that we may get started with the slaughter in a timely fashion!

Join us Sunday mornings for coffee and loots! No experience needed and even encouraged!

Sunday morning Trials will be a flexible run at any number of ESO's Trials. These runs are designed to be flexible and signups will dictate where we raid.


  • CP 160 (we can be flexible)
  • Coffee, Mimosas or Bourbon (Blood Mary's are acceptable)
  • 1.5 Hours of time (Though we may rotate in others if we run multiple Trials)

Tank (3)

3. Bella (@Dawnwarrior) Dragonknight

8. Tarkania Templar

9. AngryWaffles(@AngryMojo) Dragonknight

Damage (8)

1. (BMW) Blackmagicwoman Sorcerer

2. Reznn Dragonknight

4. (Q) Qizax Templar

5. (@Jasprah) Briyni Marelinh Dragonknight

6. (Duck) Alyssa Stentor [M] Sorcerer

11. Zhu-Zhu Dragonknight

13. shut-up Meg (@megnin) Dragonknight

14. (@Emberwen)Cara Stormcrow Sorcerer

Support (3)

7. Bella Boos (@elsupremo) Templar

10. Endaryn Davethi Dragonknight

12. (@Lesliees3) Cuts-off-warts Templar



Unavailable this Sunday the 22nd, you guys get the DUCK! Looking towards MoL
Oaks won’t be there so I’ll be taking you guys through. i understand that MoL was planned. Looking forward to seeing you all.
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