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Breakfast Club - Trials

Date: Jun 17, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 10:30 AM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Sundays
Posted by: Oakos
Please be online and ready to form up roughly 15 minutes before go time so that we may get started with the slaughter in a timely fashion!

Join us Sunday mornings for coffee and loots! No experience needed and even encouraged!

Sunday morning Trials will be a flexible run at any number of ESO's Trials. These runs are designed to be flexible and signups will dictate where we raid.


  • CP 160 (we can be flexible)
  • TS
  • Coffee, Mimosas or Bourbon (Blood Mary's are acceptable)
  • 1.5 Hours of time (Though we may rotate in others if we run multiple Trials)

Tank (1)

5. Bella Blackadder Dragonknight

Damage (2)

3. Reznn Dragonknight

4. Shai Eidolon Nightblade

Support (2)

1. Oakos Templar

2. (Infi) Allii Asharaan Templar



Will not be available. If anyone would like to step in for a day and organize, let me know.
Sorry! I can't make it. The family is all celebrating a Father's Day luncheon and I'll be out of pocket from about 11:30 until around 1:30-2:00 pm CST
I won't be able to help on this Oakos. Family is over.

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