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Monster Helm Run Requests

Deleted 5 months ago
Date: Jun 14, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 07:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Thursdays
Posted by: Oakos
Category: Dungeons
Monster Helm/Gearing runs with Oakos!

This 2 hour recurring run is designed around getting you the helm you are after as painlessly as possible!

Sign up and list your request. We will knock out as many helm requests as we can in the 2 hour window, rotating in folks via sign up order then requests in guild chat.

Please understand some dungeons, mainly the DLC dungeons may or may not be doable depending on the groups make up, we will try out best though to ensure a successful run!

In the event we have more than 4 folks we will rotate in people per run in order of sign ups. In the event we have more than 4 sign ups per run (other than Dae and myself) we will look into splitting off into multiple groups.
Tank (0)


Damage (4)

1. Rezzn Sorcerer

2. Merlin Pendragon Sorcerer

3. (@Jenuma) Camille of the Niben Nightblade

M. Ryannan Dragonknight

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can't make it tonight, sorry
I have a ton of helms I need.. from Zaan, Earthgore, Domihaus, and so on. Signing up as DPS, but can queue for any role.
Tech Wreck
I'm not sure where to get what my build says I need. Velidreth Medium with Divines and Stamina
I'll try to be around to help with helms.
Grats on your 3 Veli helms Tech.
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