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Cyrodiil Dolmen Run

Date: Feb 03, 2018
Time: 03:00 PM
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For all of you wanting to get those pesky Dolmens in Cyrodiil out of the way, whether it be for the achievement or just to do it, we will be doing a Dolmen run through Cyrodiil.
It does not matter what faction you are.....DC, AD, EP....bring your toon and we will take on the forces of Molag Bal together.....just try not to kill each other in the process. LOL.

How it works:

We will have a group together for each faction, but we will be in the same room on TS. So we can communicate with each other still.
Shadow will run an AD group, but we need two more people for EP and DC to volunteer as group leaders. Please let Shadow know if you are interested in forming a group for one of these factions.

See you there.


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