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Big Brothers Big Sisters of Tamriel

Date: Feb 10, 2018
Time: 03:00 PM
Category: Meetings
Ever want to be a brother or sister for some newbie that just started? Remember when you first started and needed someone to help you. Well now is the opportunity for you to give back to Tamriel.
Saturday Feb 10th.....we will be going to one of the starter islands and asking newbies if they need any help in anything....maybe help in a quest...or maybe crafting them a temp set, or giving them potions or food to help them get started.
Maybe they just need a new family and Vanquish might be what they are looking for.......think of it like helping out the homeless or hungry in real life.

Guild Tabard is essential....everyone needs to try and come, if they can make it.....lets show the newbies what a real guild in ESO is like.
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We have done this in the past Shadow and its a FUN event. HOWEVER, once One Tamriel hit, it simply made this endeavor (while a good one!) VERY difficult to accomplish as not many folks utilize the starter islands anymore. Being that you can now start the game really where ever you like AND the fact it drives you to Morrowind out the gate anyway, new players are no longer focused in one area.

What I WOULD suggest though, is getting some Vanquish together and running newer folks through dungeons or even a nTrial. We could advertise this around different zones.

Lets get together before this event and plan a bit!
sounds like a plan boss.
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