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DPS Event

Deleted 1 year ago
Date: Jan 21, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 02:30 PM
Posted by: Torin
Category: Meetings
Do you want to kill stuff faster? Have you ever wondered where you should be DPS wise for your class, play style and build? If you want to learn how to get those crazy DPS parses you see people talking about, then bring a few beers, show up at the guild hall, and lets talk shop while taking out our pent up childhood rage on target dummies! We guarantee you will come away feeling just a bit more (maybe ALOT MORE!) bad ass! And lets not forget that those interested in running Vet Trials should be dropping that smiling son of a bitch in under 2 and half mins, we can help with that as well! This is a no pressure, learning event designed to help you bring the damage you were meant to bring!

To simulate trial setups, we ask that you have at least 17k health. If you got skillz... drop on in let some pick at your brain.

No pressure!
Any level and CP rank!
Rotation work!
Skill work!
CP allocation!
Advice from the pros!

*We will also be having healing and tanking build help available*
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