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Dungeon Gear Runs!

Date: Jan 12, 2018
Time: 04:00 PM
Posted by: Torin
Category: Dungeons
Do you need gear for an alt or main? If so let's go get it! We'll be running dungeons on normal (or vet for jewelry) to grind out some gear sets quickly and efficiently! Common sets include:

Bone Pirate- stamina pvp set- Blackhearts Haven
Spell Power Cure- must have healer set- White Gold Tower
Ebon Armory- Tank set- Crypt of Hearts
Worm Cult- healer set- Vaults of Madness
Netch's Touch/Automaton - dps sets- Darkshade Caverns
Monster set Helmets!

Any level, any role is welcome, no experience in dungeons required!

Please request any specific sets or dungeons in the comments!
Attending (3)

1. Torin al-Ragath Sorcerer

2. Holds-Many-Stones Dragonknight

3. Crom The Thundergod (@bigx187) Sorcerer

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i got toons to fill any role needed.
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