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Date: Jun 24, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Static
Category: PvP
(Morrowind Chapter Needed)

Many of Vanquish members may have tried BGs when they were introduced, and they were a buggy mess! Things have changed and they have fixed a lot of the issues that were present at launch!

This event will be designed to teach Vanquish everything you need to know about how to be successful in BGs!

We will all meet up together and then coordinate group composition the best we can to ensure the best experience possible, placing more experienced BG players with less experienced to help mitigate general noob-ness!

All BG matches consist of 3 teams of 4 members, with any mix of alliances! We will be queued into the BG group finder and randomly placed against opposing teams - Who knows, you may end up facing your fellow Vanquish members! Matches last a maximum of 15 minutes, so expect some fast paced action - never a dull moment!

From there your group will attempt to fulfill the randomly selected game mode objectives and win the glory of AP, XP, "Rewards for the Worthy" general pvp loot, and BG specific gear loots through "Renown and Rewards" and "A Champion's Prize" obtained through your mail.

A brief description below will help you to remember the objectives of each game mode.

Deathmatch - Your standard "Kill them before they kill us." mode. Build for damage and healing and move together to maximize your groups efficiency! ** The Majority of points are ONLY awarded by killing and healing! Watch for the on screen prompt "A New Sigil of Power Has Spawned" and attempt to find and click itl somewhere on the map. If your party members are nearby while clicked you AND your entire party will receive a short buff that will grant DOUBLE DAMAGE! Go forth and destroy! **

Capture The Relic - Capture the flag, ESO style! The dynamic of having 3 teams means you will need to be on your toes. You must balance defense and offense and learn when to strike and grab an enemy relic to return it at your base. You can only score while you own your teams relic is at your base, so defending is as important as offense! First team to 5 relics captured wins! ** The majority of points are ONLY awarded by capturing and returning stolen relics. Don't get caught up fighting anywhere except to defend your own or to take enemy relics! Get your "Bash" finger ready - there is a 2 second channeling period while attempting to pick up a relic - so if an enemy is channeling, interrupt them by using a skill with a stun, or if they are on Crowd Control (CC) cooldown, a simple BASH will do! Communicate with your group when you are on your way back to base with a relic so your team can focus on healing you and CC-ing the enemies chasing you, while making sure your own relic doesn't get snagged! **

Domination - There are 4 capture points on the map. You flip flags by being present on them. The more party members on a flag, the faster it will flip. The larger team will always flip the flag rather than the smaller team, so don't waste your time in outnumbered scenarios unless you know you can quickly kill the enemies. Even teams on a flag result in progress staying exactly the same as it was before the confrontation began. ** The majority of points are ONLY awarded by flipping and maintaining as many flags as possible. Stopping to fight while not on a flag or fighting on flags where you are outnumbered is literally a waste of time. You are rewarded for NOT fighting - so build tanky/heal heavy and avoid confrontation by moving on to the next flag where no enemies are present. Movement and coordination is key here! **

Crazy King - Similare mechanics to Domination, with a twist. The beginning of the match only has one flag capture point, so there will always be conflict! The flag locations only exist for a set amount of time. You will hear them begin to "chime" before they are about to be relocated, along with a visual effect at the base of the flag, signifying it is time to get moving to the next location! As the match proceeds, a Third flag locations will spawn, with a Forth location appearing near the end of the match, giving your team a chance to make up for lost time! ** The majority of points are ONLY awarded by flipping and maintaining as many flags as possible. Once again, do not fight in outnumbered scenarios. Movement and awareness of flag spawn locations and paying attention to the visual and audio queues that a flag is about to expire is key here. Watch that map! **

Chaos Ball - There is one ball on the map, and only one player can hold the ball at a time. While holding the ball, a Damage Over Time (DOT) effect is placed on and around you, pulsing damage to you and any group member within the Area Of Effect (AOE). There are also Debuffs placed on the carrier, reducing healing taken, healing done, shield strength, and health recovery. These effects become more and more intense the longer the ball is held, becoming almost unbearable after a length of time. Help defend your teammate holding the ball, or attempt to kill the enemy holding the ball and SPAM that "Pick Up" button when it is prompted on screen! ** The majority of points are ONLY awarded by holding the Chaos Ball, so don't waste time fighting enemies that don't have the ball! When you have the ball, it is a good strategy to take it to where your team spawns to defend it, reducing the time it takes for your fallen team members to respawn and continue to help defend, while increasing the commute for fallen enemies to respond. Communicate with your group when the DOT and Debuffs become too much for you to heal through and attempt to "Hand Off" the ball by finding a safe location and purposefully dying to the DOT where no enemies are present, allowing your team to safely pick up the ball and reset the DOT strength! **

Oh one last thing... If you don't have a Mini-Map Addon - GET ONE! If you want one that is not resource intensive and easy to use, I suggest searching for Votan's Mini Map. It is imperitive to know where Relics, Flag locations, Chaos Balls, and team members are located. If you spend time to open your regular map in a BG, you are probably already DEAD!

In the coming weeks I will be teaching Vanquish members the different game modes and strategies associated with each of them and looking for individuals who may be interested in "Leading" groups. There will be several groups formed, so each team having an experienced leader will be of great value to the success of the Guild as a whole!

Remember... the main focus of this event is to HAVE FUN!!!!!! Win or lose, this should be an enjoyable, fast paced experience with no hour commute on horseback to a remote location of Cyrodiil only to get zerged down again!

I hope to see you all on Saturday afternoons for what should be a great time!
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