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Veteran Trials

Date: Feb 14, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Posted by: Colby
Category: Raids

These Veteran trials will focus on veteran trial content and as such, it is challenging. You must be prepared. Please follow the guidelines listed below to assess your own preparation if you are interested in this content.

The target for these trials will often be decided by group composition, group need or how many shots people have had on a Saturday morning.
If you are interested and want to run these trials, please have all of the following:

1. CP 400+ with points spent specifically into the role you want to fill.
2. CP 160 set gear (purple+) with the appropriate traits, set bonuses and enchants for your role.
3. For DPS roles, the ability to defeat a Normal Target Dummy (3 mil health) in under 2 minutes 30 seconds, by yourself.
4. CP 150 food running with roughly 17k health.
5. 50+ Tripots or Weapon/Spell Power pots and 50 Soul Gems.
6. Weapons should be tempered to Gold. Ask someone if you need help.
7. Basic knowledge of each of the ESO trials. Having a good knowledge of at least Normal mode will usually suffice.
8. Teamspeak with the ability to listen to the Raid leader and a willingness to take advice.

As always we will try to take the first 12 sign ups that physically show up. However, depending on role needs, we may ask people to play the different characters that are available. The top priority is having the proper roles filled in order to promote success.

Finally, even if 12+ people are signed up before you, please sign up and be ready if you planned to be online. There is always a very good chance that we get NO SHOWS or that people will choose to sit at the last minute. It happens all the time.
Tank (1)

3. (Az) Azza Warden

Damage (3)

2. (Infi) Anarii Asharaan Sorcerer

4. Gopherhucks Nightblade

5. (@Jenuma) Camille of the Niben Nightblade

Support (1)

1. Savina Templar



Amaeo and I are going to take the night off. ;D We won't be too naughty, promise.

And just because we won't be too naughty doesn't mean ya'll shouldn't. Have a saucy trial run, you sexy horny toads of sparkling fury.
Out again. Conference in Anaheim.
Likely not around, too much Flu.
I’m working pretty late tonight so I’m opting out. Half the peeps here at work our out with the flu. I might get home in time but the last thing I’ll want to do is rush through dinner and raid.
Low interest. If the 6 who are signed up can get another 6 and get something done, go for it! Otherwise, cancelled
Yeah, gonna cancel it for V-day !
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