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Pre 50 Cyrodiil All Thing

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Date: Feb 21, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 06:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Wednesdays
Posted by: Wayne (Sara's)
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Cyrodiil is an enormous area in Tamriel, and for a lot of players the most fun part of Elder Scrolls Online. It’s a PvP area with a ton of different keeps and siege warfare, as well as some PvE content (quests). It also contains 45 skyshards, giving you more than plenty of reasons to visit.
There are 18 caves to find and explore—but be aware, enemy player characters are lurking everywhere in Cyrodiil, possibly even in these caves.
All new recruits fresh to the Cyrodiil warfront are provided with detailed instructions about how to participate in the war effort, courtesy of their alliance. You can speak with Veronard Liancourt at the Southern High Rock Gate to initiate the Alliance War tutorials which will quickly walk you through the important basics of Cyrodiil and the Alliance War.

Add-ons for PvP are:

PaPa Crown
Exterminatus Group Leader
Foundry Tactical Combat
Kill Counter
Miat’s CC Tracker
Miat’s PvP alerts

We will be looking at doing the surface, sewers and Imperial City! KYNE will be our home for this event.
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