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Normal Trials

Date: Mar 03, 2018
Time: 01:00 PM
Posted by: Oakos

Join us for normal Trials as we focus on completing gear sets, introducing folks new to Trials to ESO's 12 person content and of course having fun while not taking ourselves to seriously! These runs will be balanced between speed and teaching on the fly, loot and fun are the focus!

Other than being able to join in on TS we have no hard and fast requirements. While CP160 is ideal for gear farming/trading we will do our best to accommodate ANY levels including pre-50!

So, whether you are a jaded, cranky old vet just looking for that one last Infused piece of Twice Fanged Serpent or entirely new to Trials and have never stepped foot in, sign up and lets get to work!

The event is scheduled to run from 1pm to 2:30pm PST, formation will take place at 12:45, be on time for formation or risk losing your spot!

We will be rotating through various Trials depending upon the general need of the sessions roster, interest, capability and... on occasion, focusing on individual needs in order to help someone attain that last needed set piece!

Installing the add-on "Raid Notifier Updated" will be very beneficial to you:

Tank (1)

4. (@shimple) Captian Blammo Dragonknight

Damage (7)

2. Brazen Shadow Nightblade

3. Nnamrak Sorcerer

5. (@tweedle-dee) Lucian Templar

7. (@triumphalis) Triumphalis Nightblade

8. (RevengeOfTheNerds) Kattah Xarag Nightblade

9. Edna Mode Sorcerer

10. (@Jenuma) Bthugrac Mzahnch Warden

Support (2)

1. Oakos Templar

6. (@tweedle-dum) Touchy-Healy Templar


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Edited and lost sign-ups, names that were previously shown: 1) Silvertusks 2) Lucian 3) Bthugrac 4) Triumphalis 5) Touchy
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