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Date: Mar 16, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Saturdays
Posted by: Duck
Category: Dungeons
Take the Pledge and become Undaunted! Get together with your fellow Vanquish'ers and give Mighty Mordra something to sing about!

Everyone that participates will be randomly put together as a team to explore the depths of the Undaunted. Meet, greet, and dungeon delve with those fellow Vanquish'ers that you haven't had the pleasure of meeting. When the teams are assigned, those within the team can discuss which warriors they can put together to reach their final destinations. Have you ever walked the paths with Strutting Savina? Traveled in the dark with Silent Dae? Seen the craftsmanship of Colby? Died with Oakos? Now's your chance!

Your team can determine which difficulty setting based on your group. This is a NON-DLC Pledge so EVERYONE can enter. All 4 in your team have the DLC's? Then continue your exploration with RoM, CoS, ICP and WGT.

So raise your undaunted skills and sign up! Later, we may continue this on a weekend day.

To sign up, just meet in PVE 1 on Discord prior to the event.


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