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Friday Night Fights

Date: Feb 16, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 06:30 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Fridays
Posted by: Oakos
Category: PvP
Folks, this is a social run, this is a fun run, this is a DRUNKEN run but you must put in the effort to know the basics of PvP and Cyro! 15 mins on Google and 30 mins in game and you are good to go! FNF is not here to hold your hand! We are here however, to hold your hair at the end of the night when riding the porcelain pony!

If you have always wanted to make your enemies cower in fear and then run in terror when they see you coming......this event is not for you! However, if you want to drink with your guild mates and be talked about in guild chat for all the Friday nights to come in whatever game we are playing..."Remember that one Friday night when Squee told us to all Fuck Off and he was not going to let someone else take over the harpoon on the boat..." That's the kind of pvp and drinking I am talking about. You will not bring pride to the Vanquish name, and actually, we should probably not wear our guild tabards. If this is the kind of PVP that you are dreaming of, join us this Friday as we run through IC getting shards for our new Wardens and trying to kill whomever we come across. I do not promise you glory, but I promise you a great group of people who like to drink and shenanigans.....I promise you shenanigans.
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I suggest that we go to Imperial city this Friday. You can buy storage chests with Tel Vars!
We might have to give it a go Squee!
Good, good, I was going to ask if this would be topside or IC.

However, aren't boxes in the hundreds of thousands of tel var cost-wise? I don't even think I have 50k tel var in my bank...
Mutha lover
200k and up i heard throm. Never made it down to sewers yet so can't confirm
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