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Halls of Fabrication - Normal

Date: May 03, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 05:30 PM
Posted by: Duck
Category: Raids
Join us for our weekly Thursday Trials set at an earlier time for those on the East Coast. OPEN to everyone, new and veterans. First time? We will go over a semi-brief explanation. Please be prepared about 15 minutes prior so we can start grouping up. Those signed up for the event will have first calls.

Installing the add-on "Raid Notifier Updated" will be very beneficial to you:

Trial Items:
Automated Defense
Inventor's Guard
Master Architect
War Machine

Tank (3)

1. (Az) Azza Warden

7. (Duck) Sader Leki Dragonknight

13. Tarkania Templar

Damage (8)

2. Ultra Instinct Talos Sorcerer

3. (@Jenuma) Camille of the Niben Nightblade

6. Savrynn Nightblade

8. (Mirdan) Godadavida Sorcerer

9. (RevengeOfTheNerds) Kattah Xarag Nightblade

10. Daemon-spawn Dragonknight

11. (Amaeo) Serroja Dragonknight

12. (@tweedle-dum) Too-Many-Cooks Sorcerer

Support (3)


HoF requires quite a bit of explanation with the mechanics. With newer players taking their first steps into end game content, we are going to slow things down a little to focus on those mechanics.
And going for another week to TRY to prove Infi wrong. LMAO.
Catrina, we don't bite =) Despite the rumors, no need to unsign.
I'm still planning on raiding tonight, but I have some visitors over at the moment. If we're still entertaining when the event starts I might not be able to make it.
Still at work, and very late. Will not arrive on time for Kick-off.
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