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Halls of Fabrication - Normal

Date: Apr 12, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 05:30 PM
Posted by: Duck
Category: Raids
Join us for our weekly Thursday Trials set at an earlier time for those on the East Coast. OPEN to everyone, new and veterans. First time? We will go over a semi-brief explanation. Please be prepared about 15 minutes prior so we can start grouping up. Those signed up for the event will have first calls.

Installing the add-on "Raid Notifier Updated" will be very beneficial to you:

Trial Items:
Automated Defense
Inventor's Guard
Master Architect
War Machine

Tank (2)

2. (Az) Azza Warden

6. Bugbig Dragonknight

Damage (10)

3. (@DeSyreni)Shai Eidolon Nightblade

4. Edna Mode Sorcerer

7. Savrynn Nightblade

8. (Duck) Alyssa Stentor Sorcerer

9. (Mirdan) Godadavida Sorcerer

10. (RevengeOfTheNerds) Kattah Xarag Nightblade

11. (@UniCajole)Evoker Saorlaith Eidolon Sorcerer

12. Daemon-spawn Dragonknight

13. (@Doorstop88) -Aymar Sorcerer

M. (@Jenuma) Bthugrac Mzahnch Warden

Support (2)

1. (Infi) Allii Asharaan Templar

5. (@Lenore) Zaranal Dragonknight



Can tank or bring my mage to DPS.
I'm signed up as 13th, but I'll be around if someone can't make it or if I can be of help in any way. @RevengeOfTheNerds
Had family call today and have to be there for them. Sorry to dip out suddenly.
Sounds good guys. Cya all tonight! You will be able to upgrade existing blue jewelry.
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