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TRIAL Sanctum Ophidia / Aertherian Archive - Normal

Date: May 10, 2018 - switch instance
Time: 05:30 PM
Posted by: Duck
Category: Raids
Join us for our weekly Thursday Trials set at an earlier time for those on the East Coast. OPEN to everyone, new and veterans. First time? We will go over a semi-brief explanation. Please be prepared about 15 minutes prior so we can start grouping up. Those signed up for the event will have first calls.

Installing the add-on "Raid Notifier Updated" will be very beneficial to you:

Trial Items:
Maw of Lorkhaj: Lunar Bastion, Moondancer, Roar of Alkosh, Twilight Remedy
Sanctum Ophidia: Immortal Warrior, Twice-Fanged Serpent, Wise Mage
Hel Ra Citadel: Berserking Warrior, Destructive Mage, Poisonous Serpent
Aertherian Archive: Defending Warrior, Healing Mage, Quick Serpent

From all Craglorn Trials: Eternal Warrior, Infallible mage, Vicious Serpent
Tank (1)

2. (Az) Azza Warden

Damage (9)

1. (Q) Qizax-do Templar

3. (Duck) Demiah Rain Dragonknight

4. Merlin Pendragon Sorcerer

6. Ma'ura Kivadni Nightblade

7. Meghalin Dragonknight

9. Eiagra Templar

10. (@Doorstop88) -Aymar Sorcerer

11. (Infi) Emilii Grey Sorcerer

M. (@Jenuma) Camille of the Niben Nightblade

Support (3)

5. Savina Templar

8. (@Lenore) Zaranal Dragonknight

M. Oakos Templar



Signed up as DPS, but I did the class earlier this year as a tank and could fill in that role if needed. I presume the time above is PST and it will be 8:30 EST.
Yep, you were there for the AA class. After we get through SO, if Az doesn’t mind we can give you a shot. He did sign up for that role.
If you need role fill, I can do DPS (stamplar) or healer (magblade). Don't want to take space in case someone wants to go/learn. Thanks!
Thanks Milk
Will be walking in the door 5 mins before go time. Will update if I can't make it. Will set up as hybrid.
Or not... have to remove some eyes...
Hey all,

I was hoping to possibly join tonight, but I'm out of town in the land of Aloha visiting family. To add to it, my ping is horrible (~400) and it will likely keep me from joining much that is group related. (I'm around, albeit sporadically and at odd hours:P)
Work may keep me over. We'll have to see.
I flipped to No because I have to run an errand and didn't know if I'd be back in time. If I am home in time and you haven't filled, I can bring whatever you need filled.
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