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Vanquishdome 2018

Date: Jan 13, 2018
Time: 12:00 PM
Posted by: Colby
Category: PvP
16 person, pvp duel tournament. 1st 16 sign ups will be grouped into brackets to fight for a prize of 50,000 gold and bragging rights. The tournament will be held in a venue TBA

Our first Vanquishdome winner, Ryli, is the current Master Blaster.


Contestants must:

Remove all visible armor and Weapons
Turn off all Costumes/Polymorphs
Wear a helmet they are assigned
Use a weapon they receive by random roll.

I will Random Roll 1-7 for each contestant, in chat, so everyone can see it. The number they get will equal the weapon they must use.

The weapon rolls are:

1 - Greatsword
2 - Sword/Shield
3 - Dagger/Dagger
4 - Bow
5 - Inferno Staff
6 - Lightning Staff
7 - Resto Staff

Contestants Cannot:

Enchant or use poisons on the weapons
Use Alliance War skills


Food or Drink
Jewelry sets
Class Skills
Weapon Skills
Guild Skills
World skills like Werewolf and Vampire
Preloading Ultimate

Prepare yourself to become the new Vanquishdome Master Blaster
Dragonknight (1)

11. (@shimple) Captian Blammo Dragonknight

Nightblade (2)

8. Akhir Nightblade

10. Hex Iskalien Nightblade

Sorcerer (4)

1. Grocery Thief (Ling) Sorcerer

2. Torin al-Ragath Sorcerer

4. Chrispi Critters Sorcerer

9. Marteene Sorcerer

Templar (4)

5. Oakos Templar

12. Anita Vacay Templar

13. (MilkRaven) Xol'otli Templar

14. (Duck) Lucan Petilius Templar

Warden (3)

3. Dar Altair Warden

6. Colby Caimancide Warden

7. Squeetardy Warden



Ohhhhhhh I can't wait!...
Would be great if we could get a livestream going so anyone interested in watching can. Anyone have that capability?

I might be able to if I buy a webcam. Fair warning though. If I livestream this I will be shirtless, with a leather chest harness and a spiked mask. Someone else better do it
Can borrow my red ball gag!
Two members enter, one member leaves! BMW will be there to cheer on the victor's! 😊
Location: Hammerdeath Arena just NW of Wayrest in Stormhaven.

This event is a no stress, no expectation, kill fest. The amazing thing about it is that you will be naked with a random chance of getting a "good" or "shitty" weapon for your class/build. This evens the playing field somewhat, or completely fucks you, depending on your role.

You might not PvP much but if you get the "right" roll, you could be in a great position to take out a veteran PvP'er!

If nothing else, you can do what Oakos and I do...blame it on the shitty roll you got! (even if you get a lightning staff and your a mag sorc)

NO FEAR! Sign up
Just a quick question - I signed up originally, then I noticed that the Eagles play at 4:30 on Saturday. Granted, they're the #1 seed in the entire NFL and somehow a home underdog to the 6 seed, so it's probably not gonna go well, long do we expect the event to run? I'd like to sign up, but also want to at least watch the first few minutes of the game. Thanks.
We will start at 12 PST. I will have the helmets and shitty weapons made up prior. We will begin with public roles and weapon assignments and begin the matches within 20 minutes tops. I don’t see the event taking more than an hour total time.

The good thing is if you get killed in round 1, your done! March Madness style
Yeah, I was thinking I'm probably out in round one anyway, so I might as well sign up for the slaughterhouse. Gonna need some dueling practice prior to the event...
I'm just going to hold block until my opponent gets bored and gives up!
Still sick, but better than yesterday. Let's give it a go! ;D I'll heal you all to death.
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