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Normal and Veteran Maelstrom Arena: Team Effort!

Date: May 19, 2018
Time: 04:30 PM
Posted by: Colby
Come experience the Maelstrom Arena content with friends! or drunks! We will be in TS sharing strategies for each level, pushing each other through sticking points, and cheering like a sum bich.

I promise you that with some effort and dedication, a lot of patience and enough desire, you can and will beat Veteran Maelstrom Arena. If your a lower CP character (<300) trying to get a feel for MA, this is a great time!

Joy's Guide

Tank (0)


Damage (6)

1. Colby Bladeslinger Dragonknight

4. Rezzn Sorcerer

5. Akhir Nightblade

6. Bella gra'Borg (DawnWarrior) Templar

7. shut-up Meg (@megnin) Dragonknight

M. (MilkRaven) Senath Corvinus Nightblade

Support (2)

2. Oakos Templar

3. Levissa Moonshadow Warden



This did wonders for me....
Saturdays are tough for me, but I've never done this and I would really like to learn. I will try to make this particular event but would love it if anyone could give me a quick crash course in the future in the event I miss out on Saturday.
There is almost always someone out there to help out with VMA, pop into TS get started on normal if you have not run it before to get your feet wet. If you get stuck just let folks know you need a hand are in TS.

VMA can be a rough and long road, be ready!
if im online merlin hmu. i can help with everything VMA related.
I would LOVE to be able to do this, but the timing is really bad. I can spend about half an hour here before I have another commitment. I have been stuck on level 4 for months and would really appreciate some help.
Of course, half an hour is about all I can stand before I want to punch the screen.
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