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Farmageddon - Ska'vyn

Date: Sep 12, 2019 - switch instance
Time: 06:00 PM
Reoccurs: Weekly on Mondays and Thursdays
Posted by: Ixtyr Falavir
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I've gotten a lot of questions about this event over the past year or so, and we've recently adjusted the times/dates, so I'm editing the entire description below:

Our sister Trade Guilds need your help!

For those who are unaware, Vanquish is allied with a pair of fantastic Trading Guilds run by our very own @Ixtyr - The Ska'vyn Exchange, and The Ska'vyn Bazaar.

Both guilds have Guild Trader Kiosks in some of the top cities in the game (Rawl'kha & Elden Root), and paying for those spots can cost a combined total of over 10-15 million gold per week. Unfortunately, even on a good week, Sales Taxes alone can barely cover a third of that, so we rely on strong participation in weekly Raffles, Auctions, and fundraising events like Farmageddon to make up the difference.

"Farmageddon" is an event that we run twice per week, at 9:00p Eastern on Mondays and Thursdays, and 4:00p Eastern on Sundays.

For one hour, all participants are sent out into the wide world of Tamriel to collect the most valuable array of raw materials as possible - we're talking ore, wood, alchemy ingredients, cloth, leather, Nirncrux, etc. - and at the end of the hour, all items are gathered up and donated to the Ska'vyn Guild Bank(s). The event leader then totals up the quantities donated from each participant, and everyone is then paid 50% of the Master Merchant value of all items they turn in, right there, no questions asked! We then take the profit from the items we collect and use that to fund our bids, stock our auctions, or giveaway as raffle prizes.

Additionally, all members have 100% of the donation value credited to their xCoin Balances, which meet your minimum weekly contribution requirements and help you improve your rank in the guild(s)!

Required Addon Programs:

Dolgubon's Lazy Farmer
Harvest Map (optional, but helpful)

Addons can be downloaded from or via the Minion client.


Contact @Ixtyr with any questions, and be sure to join the Ska'vyn Discord Server ( for updates.
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