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Oakos / Oct 03, 2018

In all honesty I was content in promoting the spider in the background but alas, the Tweedles thought I was taking a picture of them. Vanquish, please welcome your newest on board!

Duck / Oct 01, 2018

CONGRATS to Dawnwarrior (Bella) and Duck for winning the September '18 X-UP Program! HUZZAHThe random participation winner was Dawnwarrior at #30 on the participation charts while Duck takes the lead with 2735 total points. With the total points ...

Oakos / Sep 10, 2018

It has been to long since we have gotten the band together!Roll Call, a time-honored tradition in Vanquish, will be held this Saturday the 15th at 1pm PST!Roll Call is a great time to gather up, meet your guildmates face to face, partake in severa...

Duck / Sep 06, 2018

Last Saturday, the 1st of Sept, Vanquish held the World Boss Marathon with the objective of destroying all 135 world bosses throughout the world of Tamriel. Starting off in Glenumbra at 11am EST, we completed that objective 14 hours and 15 minute...