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Duck / Dec 01, 2018

For our 8th month running the X-UP points system, ToeJam and Zhu become our two recent winners. The month of November was filled with activities with Friday Night Fights filled with 187 VNQ members. Though we do have to point out there were 5 Fr...

Oakos / Nov 20, 2018

I am thankful for having the opportunity to run a guild composed of some of the kindest, patient, talented and just plain incredible people I have ever crossed paths with! Thank you all for making Vanquish what it is!Respectfully yours,Oakos

Duck / Nov 04, 2018

“Kidz Dayz” was simply awesome and a great experience for kids and parents alike. Just listening in on discord, you could hear and feel the excitement as these Vanquish Kids experienced things they have never done before.KPMartin, Moto Ploto, Col...

Duck / Nov 02, 2018

A huge shout out to Cyfrinair and Tono for winning the October ’18 X-UP Program! At #15 on the participation list, Tono was the random winner while Cyfrinair holds the top spot with 2125 total points. The guild reached a very nice 26,753 points ...