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Oakos / Oct 16, 2016

Huge shout out to Daemon, Rylii and Static for lending their elite skills as a tank and insanely high DPS in our first all guild VDSA clear. Good times were had, the drinks drank and the sweet loot collected! Nice work all!Special thanks to Dae ...

Snowthine / Oct 06, 2016

"What are they?"I'm glad you asked! Snow Points are a system of imaginary points originating from the mind of your very own officer Snowthine! But, as is often the case, the imaginary has become REAL! Snow Points can be awarded for any number of ...

Oakos / Oct 04, 2016

One Tamriel launches on the 5th folks, exciting times and some changes for Vanquish! CLICK ME! to participate in a discussion about this topic, ask questions and for more information!

Oakos / Sep 29, 2016

We have over 150 active, unique members in ESO at this time! This is twice as high as it was at the LAUNCH of the game! As always I am not about numbers but rather quality and the fact we have this many QUALITY members is a testament to ESO and ...

Oakos / Aug 31, 2016

Great turn out this go! Thank you all for showing up, was a damn fine looking crew! Also congratulations to Static and Nan on their promotions to Officer!

Colby / Aug 27, 2016

Amazing job over the past few months folks. Perseverance has paid off as it usually does. After several very clean attempts, even one at 5%, we brought it all together, tossed some salad, and took that booty home. We have had many people workin...